Many believe that competition is bad, that life is meant to be peaceful and calm, sitting on a mountain, or playing golf!

Gary Player for years was a great competitor in national and international golf tournaments. People constantly said to him, "I'd give anything if I could hit a golf ball like you."

Quite often I hear of children tragically falling into a deep borewell! I mischievously wonder what would happen if a politician falls into a deep hole:"There's somebody fallen into the hole?" shouts the politician's PA to the TV station.


"A minister!"  

"Oh! Let him be, we have other events to cover than rescue operations of a minister!"

A few years ago, a scientist, Paul de Sousa of Edinburgh University announced at the BA Science Festival in Dublin that his team had succeeded in creating 'virgin embryos', or parthenotes, by stimulating a human egg to start dividing like an embryo without the addition of any genetic material from a male sperm cell. At the club a group of men sipping their drinks and chewing peanuts, had gloomy expressions on their faces, as they looked at the newspaper item.

It wasn't too long ago that scowls and frowns greeted me when I entered a store abroad: Salesman at counter, shop owner and all the customers lifting their heads none too discretely, knew I'd come in just to browse, look at stuff, touch, sigh at price, maybe even venture to ask how much, but never oh never buy anything, unless it was less than a dollar!

Many years ago, I sat in an apartment in New York listening to an interesting argument between an elderly man and a doctor, who had been a childhood friend of mine. They were talking about religion and the topic veered around the existence of God. Both gave seemingly convincing arguments on what they believed in. The elderly man did not believe in God, the doctor did.